Cycling Tourism Routes

The popularity of bicycle trekking and touring is driving the demand for more, and more varied, bicycle routes.

Our team is uniquely positioned to assist you in determining the types of routes to be developed based on local attractions, geographical features and levels of difficulty in order to cater to the multifaceted needs of an ever-more discerning group, spanning a wide range of ages and proficiencies.
We also offer complete cartography and graphic design services.


Based on an analysis of available data (road and cycling networks, tourist attractions, amenities, etc.) and drawing on our experience and your team’s local knowledge, we will help you set up up routes that are pleasant to ride on and expose users to a variety of landscapes.

These routes can revolve around themes such as food, sports, family, or others. They can last one or several days and can include lodging and other cyclist-friendly amenities, such as those available through ou4 Bienvenue cyclistes ! program.

Vélo Québec’s experts can assess you planned routes using available information and by collecting additional qualitative and quantitative data through field visits. Our assessments can also take into account input from government officials and local tourism authorities.